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Spousal Activity

Catch a cheating partner

We provide information to our clients about their partner's activities so that they can:

  • Prove infidelity
  • Gain knowledge of their partner’s private activities
  • Make an informed decision regarding the future of any relationship

We will:

  • Provide virtually undetectable surveillance 
  • Record video and/or pictorial evidence
  • Remotely track a vehicle - provided our client is the owner
  • Provide a written report

What we need:

  • Name birthdate and city of residence 
  • Photograph of your partner and their vehicle (include vehicle tag number in picture)
  • Best place to start surveillance 

Why clients choose Welsh Agency for spousal activity investigations:

  • Extremely rapid investigation start to finish times - we finish most cases very quickly
  • GPS vehicle tracking - we provide daily updates on a person's travel patterns and locations visited
  • Hidden camera installation - in a person’s living quarters with the exception of rooms where privacy is a concern
  • Consultation service - to provide guidance when a client is uncertain of what steps to take 

At the close of the investigation we will be available to testify in court on your behalf, if needed, and submit copies of our report to your attorney as well as answer any questions.