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Background Investigations

We specialize in performing comprehensive background checks for our clients which are much more detailed than online instant background checks.

An instant background check is performed with the help of a search algorithm which uses a person's name, birth date and social security number to gather information. The only information retrieved by this method is what is readily available on the Internet and accessible by the particular search algorithm employed. Using the same basic input data as an instant check, our personnel will be able to access all the information collected through an instant check as well as additional information that can be more difficult to obtain including: past and present place of residence, education verification, civil and criminal records that may be omitted in an instant check report. The additional information provided by a detailed background search is essential to obtain a complete picture of the person you are screening.

Fair Credit Reporting Act:

Information about the fair credit reporting act is governed by the Federal Trade Commission and can be found here (See § 604). This is a document that governs how a person's credit information is handled. In order to run a credit check on someone we must have a permissible purpose for doing so. Welsh Detective Agency complies with every aspect of the fair credit reporting act. We run credit checks for landlords, insurance companies, employers, and entities who have a legitimate business need.

For employees who will be working on government contracts an "(OFAC)" search is recommended.  Most government contracts will list this as a requirement.  This search will check the government’s list of blocked people, terrorists, & companies.

Below are some examples of what is included in a typical background check. All background checks are customized to fit your needs. Contact us for a custom check.

Background check examples:  

Pre-Nuptial/Internet dating

  • Bankruptcy
  • Civil and Criminal Record Search
  • Civil Record Search 
  • Credential & Education Verification 
  • Devorce Search
  • Social Media 
  • Previous Address Search 
  • Past Evictions Report 


  • Bankruptcy
  • Civil and Criminal Record Search 
  • Credit Check
  • Credential Verification
  • Moter Vehicle Report 
  • Previous Employer(s) Verification 
  • Reference Interviews    
  • Social Security Number Verification