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People Locates

We find:

  • Debt evaders
  • Witnesses
  • Criminal Suspects
  • Runaways
  • Relatives (provided they wish to be contacted after they have been located)

We seek information on a missing person's whereabouts by using these tactics and sources of information:

  • Relatives
  • Information Brokers
  • Hidden daily activities
  • Street interviews
  • Flyer placement and response analysis


Relatives often know the location of a person that is hiding, so we will call them with questions to gather information on their whereabouts. This method tends to have good success.

Information Brokers

We have access to regularly updated information from a data broker that works exclusively with licensed private investigators to find a missing person instead of free information that is often out of date and lacking key elements. Many of these information brokers are national in scope, but are specialized to a certain area; normally the area where they started and are headquartered. So, we procure information from the broker who has the best coverage in the area which the person is thought to be located or has been in the past. We then investigate to verify that the information is correct.  

Hidden Activities 

Most people leave a trail with clues about how to find them just by the activities that they perform each day-even if they are trying hard to stay hidden. Something as simple as ordering a pizza can reveal a location since some pizza services actually record the names and addresses of customers they have served. 

Street interviews and flyers

At times, a person will see the poster and know of the missing person's whereabouts, but is afraid to make contact due to his or her own legal troubles. Other times just showing a photo and having a conversation can develop clues about the missing person. We do both when other methods have not provided enough information.