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gain custody of your child

Gain custody or Nullify/Amend an active custody order 

We perform background checks, surveillance and collect witness statements to determine if a child’s custodial parent is putting that child in a harmful living environment. We also perform comprehensive background checks to see if they have a history of misconduct. We keep a record of the facts to establish a pattern of misconduct toward the child; evidence that is admissible in court.

Misconduct and criminal Documentation Includes:

Injuries (child)
Sexual abuse
Reckless driving
Substance abuse
Criminal behavior
Association with known criminals
All violations of custody agreement
Denied visitation
Failure to pay child support

Prove cohabitation to change custody order  

If a custodial parent is cohabiting with another person it can have a negative effect on a child, especially if this person has a criminal history, or has a drug/ alcohol addiction. This can be a violation of a custody agreement and change a judge's decision in a custody case.