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Attorney Services

Attorneys choose us because we offer flexible and controllable solutions to fulfill the needs of their firm. We specialize in and furnish a full package of domestic litigation support services with options to choose from. They are designed to be highly efficient, keep our clients informed throughout the process, save their time, and are unique to the field of investigative services. 

We provide:

  • Tailored services - we learn about our clients’ firm, what they specialize in what type of services they are seeking and then customize a service plan that will meet those needs.
  • Attorney-controlled Investigations  - our efforts reflect our client's law firm, so they have as little or as much control as they prefer during an investigation. 
  • Secure Record backups - kept in a safe, at our office forever if a document is ever lost we will have a backup to replace it.
  • Clear & detailed investigation reports -  formatted to match the FD-302 form 

These options are for our attorney clients’ convenience and come at no extra cost:

  • Notification when someone is served - via email with an attached affidavit of service document
  • 24/7 online document access - download reports the moment they are uploaded using our secure server
  • Background check live updates - our clients are able to log in and view background reports as they are being completed

Our Domestic litigation support services include:

  • Diligent adoption searches
  • Child custody cases
  • Divorce Cases
  • Surveillance 
  • People Locates
  • Locate credible witnesses  
  • Witness interviews 
  • Process service