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We are Alabama’s premier private detective agency. Located in Huntsville, AL serving all of Alabama, and Mississippi.

Our services include handling domestic and civil cases, and conducting comprehensive background  investigations.


Why Clients Choose Welsh

We are Client centered 

We listen to our client so that we can get to know them and understand who they are and what needs they have. We then create a plan for each of them individually. Each client that we serve has the opportunity to be heard and give input during the investigation process. Both of these, combined together, is the most important part of our company's methodology and is the main reason for our success.   

We focus on training

Each day at Welsh Detective Agency we aspire for perfection. We complete training programs each month and are continually abreast of the latest laws and technological advances.

We keep detailed reports

Our written reports strongly support our client's case in court. They are formatted and follow the rules of evidence in the exact same way as those used for training purposes in law school. Should we be required to submit our report to a judge or lawyer they will be viewing a document that is very familiar to them; one that is used and accepted by all legal professionals.  

We complete cases quickly 

Our response times are fast. We are normally able to start investigations in 3 days or less and we assign an agent (s) to work on your case exclusively until it is complete. 

Complete Free Consultation

This is an optional face to face meeting between you and us at our office or convenient location where we can get to know each other. You can ask questions and make sure that all the requirements for your case are fully understood.

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Matt and his team where outstanding during the 
investigation and I was always able 
to  get in  touch  when I needed them - Linda

I couldn't have asked for a better experience! - Tom

I didn't know what to expect, but my fears where alleviated when I found out how simple they made it. - Amanda