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Discover Someone's Past with Private Investigation

December 5th, 2017

There are a lot of great things and great people in this world. However not everything or everyone is as it seems. There are cons going on everyday.  We saw an article in Huffpost earlier this year reporting that “60% of your colleagues are lying to you.” With so many lies and cons taking place on a daily basis, how can you trust anyone these days? There may come a time when you need to get some background information on someone.  With private investigation, you don’t have to rely on trust alone. You can get accurate facts about someone’s past. People need this information for lots of different reasons such as hiring a babysitter or a new employee, renting a room to someone, getting into a partnership with someone, dating, or even investing in a new venture. Information from a background check can help you make informed decisions about which route to take in a given situation.

Background checks can often be done through various platforms online, however those types of background checks can only uncover surface level information. Therefore you should be very cautions about using instant background check services that are typically offered online. In most of those cases, these websites use bots to search through free public records and sell the information to you at a high price. They do not retrieve all of these records and miss out completely on other important sources of information therefore leave a lot of questions unanswered and the final report lacks the important information necessary to make an informed decision.

However, using a private investigator for background checks will provide more thorough details about someone’s past.  A private investigator will uncover in-depth information about your subject in question and do the necessary work to fill in any missing details. A private investigator will help you quickly find out about someone’s past by checking available references where applicable, verifying employment history, educational background, financial background, prior media coverage and utilizing a variety of different resources to help you make an informed decision.  Here is a list of details a private investigator can help you uncover about someone’s past.

  • Criminal Records

  • Criminal Convictions

  • Arrests

  • Prison Records

  • Sex Offenses

  • Driving Records

  • Vehicle Ownership

  • Past and Present Addresses

  • Neighborhood Profiles

  • Relatives

  • Real Ages

  • Phone Numbers

  • Lawsuits

  • Bankruptcy filings

  • Judgments and Liens

  • Corporate Ownership

  • Military Backgrounds

  • Property Ownerships

  • Domain Name ownerships

  • And more….

One new development we’ve noticed in our industry is background check requests as it relates to cyber dating. With the rise and popularity of online matchmaking sites such as eHarmony and more and more people are making their own safety a priority and want to know details about the person they are dating. A simple background check can make the difference between safety and narrowly escaping a situation with your life or worse.  

Get assurance and peace of mind by using the professional services of a private investigator to discover someone’s past.


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