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Warning Signs Your Lover is Cheating

January 24th, 2018

Relationships can be such a rewarding experience if you find the right mate. Here’s a saying that we find true - ‘Your quality of life depends heavily on the mate you choose.’ That’s not to say that your mate dictates your happiness. However, the demeanors, lifestyles, habits, and attitudes of your mate can impact your daily life. If those characteristics are negative, then it can be a heavy weight to carry on a daily basis. One of the relationship issues that is notorious for debilitating your self-worth and confidence is cheating. If you’re in a relationship, it can be your worst nightmare to find out your lover is cheating. It can bring about an onslaught of toxic emotions for years.  As a private investigations company we come across these cases quite often. We’ve found that there are common red flags our clients experience before finding out their lover was being unfaithful.


The first thing to look out for is secrecy. Does your mate have a habit of hiding cell phones and electronic devices from you? Does your mate go out and not want to tell you what he or she did or where they went or who they were with? If your mate is being too secretive, it’s probably because they want to keep something from you. Having a personal life apart from you is not inherently bad, but if it seems excessive to you there might be a problem.

Unexplained Absences

A lot of disappearances from your mate that he or she can’t or won’t explain to your satisfaction can be a problem. There is no reason to be consistently unaware of your mate’s whereabouts. Additionally, when you ask about it, pay attention to how they respond. Excessive defensiveness can be a sign of something being off in your relationship.

Unexplained Financial Charges

Finances can shed a lot of light on what someone is up to. Just ask Uncle Sam or any mortgage lender. The same can be true for a cheating spouse. Large and mysterious charges on credit cards and unexplained charges on bank statements can be a huge clue that your spouse is cheating.

Weird Phone Calls

Phone calls that have to be taken away from your presence is another red flag. If your partner constantly has to get up and leave the room in order to receive phone calls, then you should be alarmed. Find a reason to follow them to the next room while they are on the phone and pay attention to their behavior. If they quiet down and stop talking, or talk louder, faster, or rush off the phone then it’s time to take some precautions such as gathering evidence.

These and other signs can point you to the truth. The key is to trust your gut and pay attention to sudden changes in your mate’s behavior, habits, and attitude. If you find yourself being more and more suspicious and want to get proof, call Welsh Detective Agency. We can help you get to the bottom of your suspicions in confidence through our private investigation services.

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